Chairman Message

It is an immense pleasure to express my gratitude to our valued customers. I never fail to thank to those who are in from our dewdrops of water to till date to form a group named "Noapara Group". Our business is now diversified from import to manufacture. "Noapara Group" is now manufacturing quality cement and latest art of technology in fertilizer sector, which is NPKS. Our main motto is to help to the development of agriculture sector.

Bangladesh is dense populated area but their facilities in high-quality seeds, crops keeping processes; good fertilizer availability is not enough. Our Group is trying hard and soul to meet the above mentioned things. We believe that our two products- quality cement & latest quality fertilizer- “NPKS” will fulfill the people’s two main basic demand. Besides that we are also importing food grains & other important fertilizer.

In Bangladesh Pharmaceutical segment is the core of healthcare sector, which is contributing to accomplish the second largest revenue to the country's economy. "CONCORD PHARMACEUTICALS LTD." is determined to manufacture high quality health care products that help to improve the human health and lead to live a healthy life. We believe in "Better Medicine Better life" which contributes for the growth of a healthy Nation.

We are always for the people and only think to take part in country development. Lastly we thank our clients for their continuous support for the success we have been achieving round the year.

Mr. Md. Faizur Rahman Bokul


Noapara Group BD