Noapara Cement Mills Ltd.

Noapara Cement Mills ltd. is a Grinding Plant located on the river Bhairab at Noapara area. It starts its construction from 2000 and the commercial production from August, 2001 with the brand name Himaloy. Its journey of production starts with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and from 2004 we are producing another grade Portland Composite Cement (PCC). Now we are producing both OPC (CEM-1) &PCC; (CEM-11, A-M means minimum Clinker required 80%, others is maximum 20%) by applying latest computer feeding technology. The following information is furnished below:

1. Origin of Plant Machinery: The people republic of China

2. Capacity : 1,00,000(One Lac) M.T per annum

3. Mill Type: It is a two chamber closed circuit Mill with the Size-2.2MX7.5 M and Cyclone Separator.

4. Plant Area: Total area cement Plant is 360 decimal. In this area there is a Clinker, Lime stone, Slag unloading Jetty with Rotary Crane, Mill House, Cement Storage Silo, Packing Plant, Office building, Laboratory, 11 KV Sub station and some tree plantation area.

5. Main Raw materials: For producing OPC (CEM-1) Cement we need only Clinker & Gypsum but for PCC (CEM-11) need Clinker, Gypsum, Slag, Fly ash, Lime Stone. The origin of Raw materials—

    a. Clinker: Thailand, Vietnam
    b. Gypsum: Thailand natural Gypsum
    c. Slag : India
    d. Fly Ash : Coal based Power Plant Fly Ash from India
    e. Lime Stone : India

6. Certification: Our Brand is certified by BSTI and our company achieves ISO 9001:2008 on Quality Management System.