South Bangla Fertilizer Mills Ltd

South Bengal Fertilizer Mills Ltd. is a sister concern of Noapara Group situated in Mahakal, Noapara, Abhoynagar, Jessore. The Company starts the construction from February, 13 and the commercial Production starts in the last of September, 13. The total machinery of the plant is set up by the China expert. The company has two production units to produce mixed fertilizer (NPKS). Among 6(Six) of Government approved Grade we are producing two Grades: 1. For Paddy: 08:20:14:05 2. For Rabi Crops: 12:15:20:06.

The following information is furnished below:

1. Origin of Plant Machinery: The people republic of China.

2. Capacity : 1,20,000(One Lac twenty thousand ) M.T per annum

3. Mill Type: It is a auto feeding pan type Granular based Rotary Dryer dried with Coal based Furnace Hot Air. It is also Rotary Screen separator to separate expected & unexpected sizes. Packing is auto weight control Packer.

4. Plant Area: Total area cement Plant is 500 decimal. In this area there is a two Production units, two big sizes go down required for incoming raw material stock and finished goods storage, Office building, Laboratory, 11 KV Sub station and some tree plantation area etc.

5. Main Raw materials: For producing two Grades of NPKS (Mixed fertilizer) the raw materials are same. The origin of Raw materials—

    a. MAP(Mono ammonium Phosphate): China
    b. MOP: Belarus
    c. Ammonium Sulphate : India. China
    d. Gypsum : India

6. Certification: Our Company achieves ISO 9001:2008 on Quality Management System.

Besides the above we have also a packaging unit to pack Mag sulphate (1 Kg) and Gypsum (5kg &10; Kg)